Security Risk Assessment & Reporting 

Secure Score provides independent security risk assessment for internet hosts, cloud services and companies. Secure Score can be used as a security check for your vendor management program and as a 3rd party security risk assessment of your internet assets.

Secure Score Reporting
Continual Risk Monitoring
up to 25 Internet Hosts
up to 5 Cloud Services
up to 10 Companies
Secure Score Reporting
Continual Risk Monitoring
up to 99 Internet Hosts
up to 25 Cloud Services
up to 50 Companies
Secure Score Reporting
Continual Risk Monitoring
unlimited Internet Hosts
unlimited Cloud Services
unlimited Companies

Easy and Quick to use:

  • 1 Login to Secure Score
  • 2 Select a cloud service and or company
  • 3 View the Secure Score Report and Risk

Save Money and Reduce Risk

Secure Score assessments are done by our proprietary software and reviewed by our in-house certified security engineers. The latest security alerts and research reports are continually integrated into our daily Secure Score assessments.

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Why should I use Secure ScoreSecurity assessment reports that you can trust

Amazon Secure Score

The Secure Score report for Amazon, correctly reflects the Low...

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Deep Root Analytics Secure Score

Deep Root Analytics has become known for the data leak...

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Google Secure Score Report

The August 8th , 2017 Secure Score report for Google...

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Vendor Management Requirements

Secure Score Reports

Meeting the requirements for ISO , CSA Star , EU GDPR, AICPA SOC and many other government regulations and audits.

On demand quick security reviews

Vendor reports can be viewed and security assessments can be made in minutes, speeding up your vendor review process.

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Ready for reliable independent security assessments?

Eliminate hours of risk assessments and use Secure Score that continually monitor your vendors security posture.

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Your subscription will always give you access to the latest improvements and new features in the Secure Score software.